Sydney's Darling Quarter

Darling Quarter, Darling Harbour

Darling Quarter is a new and vibrant Sydney community with a beautifully designed contemporary style as well as amenities, such as green open spaces, an exciting selection of cafes and a wine bar. The wide assortment of eateries features cuisines from around the world. Darling Quarter is also home to the most spectacular free children’s playground in Australia. The collection of fun activities is designed to promote learning while they spur the imagination of children of all ages. Located in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District, the Darling Quarter water games, climbing ropes, swings, slides and other outdoor playground equipment will keep kids entertained for hours.

The water park is filled with fountains and jets. Children will enjoy splashing around and getting wet as they make waves and cool off to an exciting number of water patterns coming from the Pump Station’s 26 water jets. Kids will be amazed and thrilled as they operate the switches and gates that control the spray at the Water Squirts display. Children will also have fun splashing themselves and their friends by spinning the Water Scoop faster and faster before witnessing the science of Archimedes Water Screw come to life.

Children can show their spider-like climbing abilities on the more than 42 square meters of rope netting of the Tangled Web play area. They can imagine themselves as buccaneers climbing the rigging of a sailing ship on the 83 square meters of the Octanet rope net that soars 10 meters into the air. Be the first to the top for the nice view. Kids can act like a circus tightrope walker on the 18.7-meter-long balance ropes or a jungle explorer as they whiz through the trees on a 21-meter-long flying fox.

Four big kid Jumbo Swing Sets, two swings for little ones and the 3D Giant Ring ensure that there is plenty of room for everyone trying to swing higher and higher into the air. Playground slides include the custom designed Slide Hill and the 3-meter-high and 8-meter-long Big Slide. Move mountains of earth on the Sand Digger as well as test your balance and strength on the Supernova. The park has it all as it teaches children about the forces of nature like gravity as well as the concepts of wet, dry, high, low, fast and slow. You can stay and play all day on the KOMPAN outdoor playground equipment. Learning has never been more fun.

Buy something delicious to eat or drink from the Mediterranean style taverna or the authentic Brazilian BBQ house as well as several other take-away food establishments. Relax with a picnic lunch in one of the dedicated Shade Areas or attend a performance in the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre where the interests of young people take center stage in the storytelling. At night, sit back and enjoy Luminous, the world’s largest interactive light show. Powered by renewable energy, the innovative, radiant digital façade spans 150 meters. Bring family and friends to enjoy the day at Darling Quarter. 

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