Northern Territories' Watarrka National Park: An Explorer's Guide

There are many things you need to know about the Watarrka National Park if you’re looking to visit. The park is actually a protected area in the Northern Territories and was established n 1989. It remains a highly popular destination for many visitors each year.

If you are planning an exploration trip to the Watarrka National Park, you need to be prepared. Having a plan, knowing what you want to see and do, and knowing what to pack are essential. The park is in a remote area, and preparations need to be conducted with care.

So, whether you are ready to test out your new purchase from Beretta Australia or you are simply interested in hiking in the Northern Territories, let’s look at some of the essential points to know about the Watarrka National Park, and what you need if you are planning a trip in the Northern Territories.

Brief Description Of The Watarrka National Park

The Watarrka National Park was established in 1989, named after the Aboriginal name for the area. The park is located to the south of the territorial capital of Darwin. One of the main features that draw tourists and locals alike each year is the Kings Canyon.

The Kings Canyon region is home to diverse plant and animal life, making a highlight for visitors. In fact, some of its flora and fauna are hard to find elsewhere. This fact makes it an important nature preserve. The Kings Canyon area is still viewed as a sacred site by Aboriginal Australians, and following local rules regarding the use of the park is recommended.

Hiking In Watarrka

Kings Canyon offers a fantastic opportunity for hiking. The main hiking trail is based around a six-kilometre loop known as the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. The length of this hike makes it ideal for a day outing. 

This hiking trail offers plenty of authentic Australian bushwalking, as well as opportunities for wildlife observation and identification, and great material for amateur and professional photographers. There are some facilities in the area with drinking water, public toilets, and more.

If you are in need of some guidance or want to learn more about the park’s rich natural history in a hands-on way, park rangers are often available to direct activities in the area. Guided walks, talks, and other activities will help you to better understand the historical and cultural significance of Kings Canyon and the greater Watarrka National Park.

Stay Safe

It is important to avoid getting too near to the edge of the cliffs during a walk along the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. Being vigilant and remaining aware of your environment, as with any hiking adventure, are essential. Make sure to follow the directions of any signs that you find in the park to avoid potential hazards.

The weather is often hot, and inexperienced hikers may run into trouble if they are not prepared. Make sure to carry plenty of water and wear appropriate sun protection to stay safe. If possible, avoid timing your hike to overlap with the hottest part of the day. Getting an early start is recommended. In fact, when the weather is forecast to be more than 36C, you may be restricted from accessing the trails after a certain time. 

Enjoy Your Adventuring!

Watarrka National Park is one of Australia’s most popular hiking destinations for a reason. There are many things to see and do in the area, and many of these things cannot be found elsewhere. Whether you are a local or a tourist in Australia, put the Watarrka National Park on your travel bucket list.

Posted By JenniferA on 9th July 2020

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Northern Territories' Watarrka National Park: An Explorer's Guide

There are many things you need to know about the Watarrka National Park if you’re looking to v . . .

Posted By JenniferA on 9th July 2020

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