Coffee, Culture, Creativity - 10 Destinations to Experience While Exploring Melbourne

Melbourne is the culture capital of Australia, with many different avenues of art, expression, and creativity spreading throughout the city. Visiting Melbourne to explore these avenues is a great way to spend a week or two, and with many hotels, RNR Melbourne serviced apartments, hostels and lodges, finding a place to stay in this wonderful city isn’t tricky. To help you in your exploration of the highlights of Melbourne, we have put together a list of 10 destinations to experience while you’re out and about. 

Flinders Street Underpass

Accessible via Flinders Street station or from some stairwells over the road, Flinders Street underpass is the first stop on the Melbourne experience. With several boutique stores, a public Zine shop, handmade jewellery and clothing stores as well as a public art space, this underpass is a must-see. 

Hosier Lane

Famous around the world for it’s high-reaching saturation of street art, Hosier Lane is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the CBD. Many weddings are photographed in Hosier Lane, and throughout the day and the night, artists are sneakily adding to the living, breathing masterpieces all over the walls there. 

Brunswick Street

A bustling strip of shops that goes on for a while, Brunswick Street is in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and brags some of the best coffee and food, as well as some of the most interesting selection of shop around. Go for the clothing and fashion, stay for the bars, clubs, restaurants and easy public transport access.

Chapel Street

Chapel street is a longer-standing variant of Brunswick street, but don’t let the increased age fool you, it is every bit as packed with people on the weekends. An ideal combination of retail and hospitality-based businesses means that for every growl your stomach emits during a busy day of shopping, there is a food source nearby waiting to satisfy it.  

Federation Square

An example of some of the fine architecture Melbourne has to offer is Federation Square. Based directly opposite Flinders Street Station, Fed Square is a regular place to see free performances from bands, street performers, and solo musicians, as well as a good place to get a drink come nighttime.

Chadstone Shopping Center

Chadstone Shopping Center is once again the largest shopping center in the southern hemisphere. Having recently opened a new wing, the retail giant boasts a temperature controlled interior, plenty of food to nourish your shop, and easy access from public transport.

National Gallery of Victoria

The NGV is the largest, oldest, and most visited art museum in Australia. Much of its works are free to see, with an occasional paid-entry exhibition throughout the year. The largest stained glass ceiling in the world resides here, and has to be seen to be believed.

The Best Cafe

Being the number one coffee city in the world, Melbourne has some good coffee. The top spot for “best cafe in Melbourne” usually changes once a year, so when you visit a quick Google search will tell you where to go for what could be the best coffee in the world.


The Australian Center for the Moving Image is the home of some of the most interesting exhibits you’re likely to see in Melbourne. Located behind and below Federation Square, an ever-changing roster of exhibits means that there is never a dull moment at ACMI.

Sealife Center

The Sealife Center is Melbourne’s “Aquarium”. It has an incredibly large selection of aquatic life, both freshwater and saltwater (despite the name), and has recently added an enormous saltwater crocodile to their collection. This giant is a must-see, so drop in and say hello from a safe distance. 
Melbourne has a lot to offer, so come and explore it today, and find out all of the secrets from it’s winding laneways and underground record stores.

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