5 Must-Visit Coastal Destinations To Sail To

Sailing Destinations

Australia is truly spoiled with the quality of coastal destinations that we have, right on our very doorsteps. Determined that none should look the same, this great Southern Land has over achieved when it comes to the diversity and offerings that each of these coastal paradises have. The best part? They can be reached by boat, allowing us to bask in the beauty on and off land. With 2019 upon us, here is our round up of the 5 must-visit coastal destinations to sail to.

1. Bondi Beach, NSW

Well you can’t really have a round up without including this knockout destination. Bondi Beach really has it all for the savvy sailor, including marina berths for sale. Take in all that Sydney has to offer, and see it all out there on the water with the cove of Bondi Beach gleaming in the before you. The best part about sailing to Bondi Beach is you have far less boats out there on the water compared to the hundreds of bodies found on the sand in the beach. It is also a nice reprieve from the bustling boat activity of Sydney Harbour.

2. Lizard Island, QLD

Here is a paradise you won’t hear about from just anyone. Not too far from Cairns sits Lizard Island, an impossibly beautiful coastal location that you can reach after you sail over the Great Barrier Reef. What makes this location so idyllic is the tall trees that fill the island, and the white sands and rock pools that can be seen in the shallow waters. If you choose to jump off the boat for a swim and exploration, you won’t have too much company.. Besides the friendly lizard locals.

3. Main Beach, Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay is known for a collection of things. Its vibrant community, music, and spirituality. But all of this takes place on a beautiful coastline, which can be explored by boat. While it draws surfers out from all over the world, you won’t be competing too much for space on the water with Byron’s sailing treasures a secret to many. While Byron Bay sits in NSW, it is only one hour from the Gold Coast in Queensland so you can add that to your next destination after you have absorbed those Byron Bay good vibes.

4. Mandalay Beach, Walpole, WA

It is no secret that Western Australia boasts some incredible beaches, which is why they have a huge collection of wildlife that lies underneath that water. Mandalay Beach is just South of Perth and only half an hour from Walpole. This coastline is almost untouched, so you will have it all to yourself when you sail through. Take your time at this location to enjoy it all, the rock walls and shrubbery here are a perfect example of a thriving ecosystem.

5. Wineglass Bay, TAS

Tasmania has a way of making you feel like you have stumbled upon the best kept secret in the world. The climate of Tasmania might put international guests off, but locals know better. The natural amphitheatre style of the Wineglass Bay coastline will set the scene for you to anchor and simple take in the raw beauty. This is a great spot if you are new to sailing, as the waters are calm and there is rarely another soul in sight.

Australia’s coastlines are the country’s most prized commodity. Each unique paradise offers up sailing adventures for any sailor looking for beauty and recreation. Make your way through these precious coastlines, a bucket list that will enrich your time and enhance your sailing repertoire.

Posted By JenniferA on 26th November 2018

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