5 Day Trips From Sydney

Palm Beach

Sydney is one of the most iconic cities in the world, but there are also endless possibilities for sightseeing outside of the city limits. In every direction you look, you'll be greeted by unparalleled beauty.

You might feel the urge to use up every possible minute in the city limits, however, you will be missing many of the sights and experiences that are on offer. Why not check-out a bit early, drop off your luggage with mindmybag, and head out for the day.

Whether you enjoy the mountainside more, or maybe you'd rather hit the beach to soak up the sun, here are our recommendations for the top 5 day trips from Sydney you'll want to add to your travel list:

Palm Beach

Palmy, as the locals call it, is located 45 kilometers north of Sydney, or an hour's drive from the city center. What makes Palm Beach so spectacular is its unbeatable location. The suburb lies at the end of a long peninsula that's famous for the golden sands and clear water surrounding it. You have Pittwater to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the east, and Broken Bay to the north.

Those passionate about board sports will enjoy excellent surf at the northern end of the beach. Less active visitors can spend time at the southern end where they can swim in the ocean pool and go on a picnic under the pine tree. Barrenjoey Head looms over the northern end. Follow the trail to the historic Barrenjoey Lighthouse which boasts superb views of the coast.

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

About 80 kilometers west of Sydney lies the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, home of the famous Three Sisters in Katoomba. The park covers more than 260,000 hectares and is broken up by urban areas and roads. Nonetheless, it has some of the most dramatic canyons, valleys, and waterfalls in Australia.

The Blue Mountains National Park isn't all mountains. Visitors will find rivers even an uplifted plateau that makes for jaw-dropping views. There's something to see here in every season. in the summer, the waterfalls and the clouds against the mountains are a treat for the eyes. In the autumn, that's when you'll enjoy the best hikes. Winter is the peak season and there are lots of events and festivals going on then.

Hunter Valley

One of Australia's best-known wine regions, Hunter Valley is about a two-hour drive north of Sydney. The region is home to more than 120 wineries, excellent restaurants, spa retreats, and concerts in the vineyards. Here, you can taste a wide selection of wines, including rare vintages, as well as whisky.

Don't miss out on visiting the Hunter Valley Cheese Factory. They offer a selection of tasty handmade cow and goat milk cheese, which you can also purchase to bring home with you. If you want to learn more about cheese, you can also book a private cheese appreciation class, where you're also taught the art of wine matching.


Informally referred to as "The Gong," this seaside city is located about 82 kilometers from Sydney and is filled with natural attributes. The road trip to Wollongong is spectacular in itself; you'll take one of the top driving routes in Australia, the Grand Pacific Road. Highlights of the journey include the Sea Cliff Bridge, Stanwell Tops and Bald Hill Lookout, and endless golden beaches.

The city has not one but two historic lighthouses. The Breakwater Lighthouse cast its first beam in 1872 while the second one was built in 1936. Spend the day enjoying the uncrowded beaches or take a flight in an open cockpit biplane to see the coastline from above. Too much talk about beaches? Don't worry, there's mountains too. Simply head to one of the lookouts in the Illawarra.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Less than an hour drive from Sydney, the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is Australia's second-oldest national park. The name comes from the Guringai people, its original inhabitants. Remnants of pre-colonial Aboriginal life are still visible today, including rock paintings, cave art, and middens.

The park is a favorite among locals and tourists and thanks to its history, perfect for school excursions too. Parts of it are ideal for hiking, bushwalking, cycling, and fishing. Explore the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park to discover the winding creeks, rocky cliffs, rainforest, mangroves, and significant Aboriginal sites. Elevated park sections offer splendid water views over Broken Bay, Cowan Creek, and Pittwater.

The Takeaway

Sydney has amazing regions to explore in all directions. Thankfully, Australia has one of the best climates for being outdoors, so the question is not when to go on a day trip but rather how to choose from so many options. Sydney's fortunate location makes traveling to other parts of the region a breeze. Hopefully, our recommendations have helped decide what you're visiting next.

Posted By davidmmb on 3rd February 2021

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Palm Beach
5 Day Trips From Sydney


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