5 Adventurous Ways To Explore The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

When you think about a vacation adventure on the Great Barrier Reef, it’s probably scuba diving that comes to mind. Although there is a wondrous world to see under the waves, there are other ways that you can explore the Great Barrier Reef.

As one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, this unique stretch of over 3,700 reefs and islands along the eastern shore of Queensland, Australia is one of the most magical places left on the planet.

In the same way that a visit to Alaska can be more authentic if you stay in a quaint cabin located outside of the cities like Baycrest Lodge, at the Great Barrier Reef you have the opportunity to make your vacation a one of a kind experience. Let’s explore some of the unique ways that you can explore the reef and have the trip of a lifetime.


The overhead view of the massive natural phenomenon of the Great Barrier Reef is almost as stunning as seeing it from under the waves. You can take a helicopter tour leaving Port Douglas or Cairns to enjoy a unique 30-minute tour over the reefs.

Some vendors offer more extensive tour packages that allow you to take off from a water platform from one of the many outer banks’ pontoons, or a day-long tour that stops at secluded reef islands to enjoy the waves and a gourmet meal.

Outer Reef Pontoons

Get onboard a luxurious catamaran with your guests and take a short cruise through the reefs to the outer perimeter to visit a pontoon activity platform. These all-inclusive floating entertainment centers are surrounded by the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef where you can really immerse yourself in the experience.

Most pontoons offer food, beverages and a variety of activities that will keep you going for the full day. Activities include unlimited snorkeling, educational seminars, music, food and a wide range of onboard entertainment.

Helmet Diving

If you want to explore the reefs under the waves but aren’t too comfortable with traditional scuba gear, you can opt for a helmet diving or Scuba-doo experience. These helmeted scooters give you a comfortable and controlled ride while relieving some of the tension and apprehension that comes from using a scuba breathing mask.

Helmet Diving equipment gives you lots of room inside your equipment, allowing you to breathe freely and even talk to the other divers. The Scuba-doo rides are similar to getting on an underwater scooter that allows you to cruise the depths in relaxation and safety.

Glass Bottom Boat

If you aren’t interested in getting in the water but are still curious to see the marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, you can take a glass-bottom boat ride. These clear resin and glass-bottomed boats let you peek into the world under the sea while keeping your feet dry and your head above water, so to speak.


One of the most unique ways to view the under the sea world of the Great Barrier Reef is to take a tour in a mini-submersible unit. These tiny vessels are similar to a shrunken down submarine with glass walls. You can view the reef and all its marine life for much longer periods than either diving or riding a Scuba-Doo.

If it’s not already on your Travel Bucket List, the Great Barrier Reef is a memorable destination that you don’t want to miss. Check out these unique ways to see the area and plan your vacation today.

Posted By SamanthaW on 9th April 2020

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