How to create a Free Travel Blog

Travel Blog

Why have a Travel Blog?

Having your own Travel Blog is a great way to share all of your great knowledge and experiences as you travel. Keep your family, friends and anyone else who is interested up to date with your travel itinerary, funny stories and great photos.

You are automatically notified when somebody makes a comment about your blog and comments are screened by our Blog Team for suitability before being made visible to the public. It is a great way to keep your travel memories accessible.


How to Create a Travel Blog.

You can easily create a free travel blog online with us.  To do so you need to complete a basic sign up for a new account by clicking on the link "Register Free" or navigating to:

Having an account allows you to also save time by not having to re-enter criteria such as name / email etc once logged in.  Likewise you will be able to comment on other peoples posts without re-entering such data.


Customise your blog post.

By having an account you gain the ability to customise your blogs with different styles, fonts, colours, check your spelling and so many other great features using an easy to use tool like the one displayed below. Upload multiple photos and create a gallery, embed videos, and much more.


Easily customise your blog post using the above features.  


Anyone who comments on your blog is also automatically notified when you make an update so they can keep up to date with news and images you might have posted. It is so easy. Simply sign up for a free Travel Blog today. Once signed up click on the "Travel Blogs" link within the blog categories section (top right hand side of the page or go to: and then click on "Post Topic" on the top right hand side of the page which will take you to the area to add your content. Simply add a blog subject and enter your blog content and if you like add a photo (You can add additional photos on the following page). It will be reviewed by our team and set live once it has been reviewed, generally within 24 hours.


If you have any questions or experiencing any problems please email for assistance.

Posted By mick on 27th March 2012

Updated : 5th October 2013 | Words : 379 | Views : 22042

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How to create a Free Travel Blog

Why have a Travel Blog? Having your own Travel Blog is a great way to share all of your great knowl . . .

Posted By mick on 27th March 2012

Views : 22042 | Comments : 0